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Remote Interpreting

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Working remotely to support your business until further notice

‘I am, by calling, a dealer in words; and words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.’ Rudyard Kipling

Conference interpreting on-site

On-site interpreting. It is practised at international summits, professional seminars, bilateral or multilateral meetings in the form of simultaneous, consecutive and chuchotage interpreting.

This service is billed by the day.

Remote conference interpreting

Remote interpreting using an online conferencing tool is a good alternative to the traditional on-site conference interpreting.  It is a flexible and effective way to secure an easy and correct communication between speakers of different languages, using simultaneous or consecutive interpreting techniques.

Read our best practices for a successful remote interpretation session.

This service is billed by the hour.

Business interpreting

International business is conducted across cultures. A good business interpreter, besides conveying your message in the other language, can help you to successfully navigate the cultural divide.

In presence or remote and billed accordingly.


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The Zoom platform is gaining traction among business people as a very effective remote-conferencing tool, which can easily be accessed both from your desktop, laptop or smartphone. As long as you are equipped with a stable connection, be it 5G, 4G fibre or broadband, including an interpreter online is a simple and straightforward operation. High quality multilingual remote meetings are now a reality for businesses and charities of all sizes.

You can rely on InterpretDirect for the entire service, no need for a separate licence.

Should you prefer to host the meeting on your internal Room infrastructure, this video by Joseph Adams illustrates how to activate the interpreting functionality within your system.

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