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 Video-remote simultaneous conference interpreting

Virtual conferencing technology now allows to recreate a conference setting remotely, provided all participants have a good and stable internet connection.

The use of a conferencing platform simplifies the interaction among speakers and listeners, who can chose the language they prefer to listen to with ease, concurrently to the speaker’s talk. No extra time needs to be added to the meeting, contrary to consecutive telephone interpreting, and visual clues improve the impact and comprehension of this service.


Telephone on-demand interpreting

This service is specifically developed for large on-going volumes of interpreting requirements, usually by public bodies, hospitals, police and immigration services.

Its main focus is on access: that is allowing people from other cultural background access public services in a non-discriminatory way.

This service is designed on specs, run on a subscription model + cost per minute.


Access in a multicultural society: the role of remote intepreting